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CES 2022: The Most Incredible Gadgets To Keep An Eye On

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The CES 2022 is over, it took place a few weeks ago 

This event always showcases the latest innovations in consumer electronics and technology. It’s a great opportunity for companies to show off their newest products and for us to get a sneak peek at what the future holds in store for us.

This year is no exception with some exciting new gadgets , I have selected the ones I found the most interesting

1. Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor

Credit : Ring

Want protection against break-ins? Ring’s latest security device has got you covered. 

The new Glass Break Sensor from Ring can detect break-in attempts through windows and doors from up to 25 feet away. 

It’s powered by the same system that protects Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro, so it’s easy to add more protection to your existing security setup if you don’t already have one.

Get mobile alerts when the sensor detects shattering in your home, or automatically sound your Ring Alarm siren when armed in Home or Away mode.

It’s currently available for preorder in a single pack for $40 or a two-pack for $70.

2. Skagen Falster Gen 6 Smartwatch

Credit : Skagen

Skagen has unveiled its newest smartwatch, the Falster 2.
The 42mm silver and espresso leather combo smartwatch for men and women offers a few different colors and style options, including the one pictured above. It runs Google’s Wear OS operating system with Qualcomm’s latest Wear 4100+ processor to give you more efficient battery life, optimized performance, and improved health tracking.

It is available starting at the price of $295.

3. Garmin Venu 2 plus

Credit : Garmin

Garmin has added more features to its compact Venu 2 Plus, including the ability to take calls on both iOS and Android phones, as well as give commands to your preferred voice assistant.

The 43-mm watch comes in powder gray, black, or gold (all of which are stainless steel paired with a matching silicone watchband).

This watch is available at the price of $500

Learn more about the features here

4. Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid Fitness Tracker

Credit : Garmin

Garmin announced another watch at CES 2022 that is more affordable.

Garmin’s Vivomove Sport Hybrid is a lot more affordable than its other smartwatch option, the $500 Venu 2 Plus. The sportier-looking hybrid smartwatch can still track your basic fitness activities—though it lacks the Venu 2 Plus’ blood oxygen measurements.

But if all you want is a traditional watch look with fitness tracking, it’s worth it.

This watch is available at the price of $180

Get full list of features here

5. JLab Go Air Tones Wireless Earbuds

Credit : JLAB

Looking for a new pair of gym headphones instead of those bright-as-hell neon ones you have now?

JLab’s Go Air Tones really stand out from other earbuds because they look like actual ears (kidding, kind of). JLab claims that their headphones are sweat-resistant up to IPX4 standards, and have eight hours of battery life.

The sleek little case is about the size of a credit card, and the new earbuds are smallest yet.

Each pack comes with three different tip  sizes for a custom fit that help create a perfect seal, so you get crystal-clear sound.

It’s available here on preorder for $20

6. OPENRUN PRO Bone conduction headphones

Credit : shokz

The Shokz Aeropex headphones have been renamed OpenRun, and there is now a premium version, the OpenRun Pro.

They’re redefining the concept of “open-ear listening” with improved technology.

The new headphones pack the company’s bone conduction technology, which vibrates the bones in your head via sonic waves—sending audio directly to your inner ear.

That way, you can still hear ambient noise around you while listening to music. The features include IP55 water resistance, an hour and a half of battery life after a five-minute charge, and 10 hours of battery life overall.

It’s available for the price of $180

Buy it here

7. Mark Levinson No. 5909

Credit: Mark Levinson

The No. 5909 are the first headphones created by audio brand Mark Levinson, and yes, they’re expensive.

But you get what you pay for: These headphones sound awesome!

With these headphones let you lose yourself in your music.
They are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear on the go.

They are available for pre-order for the price of $999

8. SMART Pepper Spray

Credit: Sabre

Pepper spray is one of those things that you hope you never have to use. But what if something happened and you didn’t have it?

The Smart Pepper Spray is built with everyone’s safety in mind.

When connected to the app, Smart Pepper Spray can send alerts to your emergency contacts with your exact location whenever you spray it.

This unit can be refilled and has easy-to-replace cartridges that deliver fresh protection with each use.

Before buying this spray, check if you can import pepper spray in your country , in some countries it can’t imported

It’s available for the price of $80

9. Chipolo CARD Spot Tracker

Credit : Chipolo

If your wallet is like mine, it’s always getting misplaced.

That’s why I like the Chipolo Card Spot wallet tracker.
It looks like a credit card and fits right into my wallet so I can track it if it gets lost or stolen.

You can also use it to locate stuff that isn’t in your wallet like your car keys. The Card Spot works with Apple’s Find My app, so if you’re an Apple user, you can find your wallet using Find My on your iPhone or iPad.

The gadget alerts you if you forget your wallet—say, at a restaurant or a friend’s house.

One drawback with this product.

The batteries aren’t replaceable, so you have to send it back to Chipolo when they stop holding a charge. But they’ll give you half off a new tracker.

You can preorder it for $35.

10.Labrador Home robots

Credit : Labrador

Who here wouldn’t want a self-driving shelf that can carry groceries and other items from the car to your kitchen? Me neither. 😉


Labrador’s small bots, named Caddie and Retriever, are useful for transporting items in your home. The wheeled robots can steer around obstacles and automatically go from one predetermined place to another.


They’re about the size of side tables and have wheels and sensors that let them move freely around a home. Using an app or voice commands via Amazon Alexa, you can direct the bots to specific locations, like “in the kitchen” or “by the couch.” They can also sense obstacles and avoid people.


While lots of robots were on display at CES, the Labrador was one of the more entertaining models.


These robots will be available in 2023.

Get more details here

11. Withings Body Scan

Credit : Withings

Withings   have announced plans to introduce a new smart scale to the market, one that monitors body composition and heart rate.

The smart scale is connected to a retractable handle, which consists of sensors and electrodes for analysis—a system that can also monitor your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress levels.

Updates to the associated app will collect information about all this and allow you access to professional medical advice within the app.

The scale is much more than a device for measuring your vitals—it can also help to tailor a plan of action based on behavioral science that will lead you to better health in the future.

You should expect to see it in the second half of 2022.
This product will be available for $300

12. Cypress Hero Backpack

Credit : Targus

Targus, a brand known for its laptop bags, showed off a new—and rather useful—backpack at CES.

The bag comes with built-in location tracking.
If you misplace your bag and have the iPhone app Find My, you can use the bag to find your phone!

A unique feature of the Cypress Hero EcoSmart line is that it’s made from 26 plastic bottles.

The official release date for this product has not been announced, but it will be available in either spring or summer 2022 for $150.

13. Black + Decker Bev Cocktail Machine

Credit : theverge

When I have people over, my cocktails are sometimes a joke. Either my guests get rum and cokes, or I make whiskey gingers because it’s the easiest to fix. But Black + Decker’s new machine could change all of that. With the press of a button, you can have perfectly-mixed drinks like Long Island Ice Teas.

Like a Keurig, this machine uses flavor pods that give you the ingredients to make a variety of cocktails, but it also comes with five alcohol bottles and tubes that can put liquor into your cocktail in under 30 seconds.

At the moment they have not details on their website concerning this new machine

14. Bob. The smallest dishwasher in the world

Credit : Daan

At this year’s CES, Daan Tech brought introduced Bob, a dishwasher no larger than a microwave, .

Bob is a mini dishwasher with a water tank that can fit inside your kitchen countertop. This little gadget can accommodate plates up to 11.4 inches (29 centimeters) and weighs just 22 lb (10 kg). It uses five times less water than washing dishes by hand.


With a built-in 1 gallon(3.9 liters) water tank, Bob is perfect for mobile homes and small apartments, as well as anyone who wants a quick clean.

I am definitely getting one.

It is available on preorder starting as from $299

15. Eufy Security Video Doorbell

Credit : Eufy

The eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual boasts a 2K front-facing camera and a 1,080 p downward-facing one.
You can watch deliveries arrive or monitor the front porch thanks to the downward-facing camera, which offers a 160-degree field of view.

What’s more, the doorbell scans for movement and reduces false alarms. But don’t worry; this doorbell recognizes your family and friends thanks to A.I. technology. This tech also recognizes packages and reminds you to take them inside.

And since it’s battery operated, there’s no need for wires when installing this smart doorbell.

The product will be available soon for the price of $260


16. Samsung’s Odyssey Ark

Credit : Samsung

It’s no secret that monitors have become a crucial part of many people’s day-to-day lives. It’s what makes working from home comfortable and productive; it allows us to play games from either our preferred consoles or a high-powered PC. The monitor is often the centerpiece of a home office setup.

The Samsung Odyssey ARK is a cutting-edge monitor that exemplifies the latest trends.

The Odyssey Ark has a 55-inch curved display, which works in both portrait and landscape modes. It also provides a way for users to multitask by having multiple windows open at the same time.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the price or release date for this device, so it may be a while before you can get your own—but it’s easy to imagine the immersive experience you can obtain with it.

17. Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

Credit : Asus

I am so excited by this laptop, can’t wait to get my hands on one of those.

We have no idea what inspired Asus to build the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED, but this over-the-top laptop is one of the most memorable devices to be shown at this year’s CES. It is essentially a giant convertible tablet that can fold in half when you want to take it with you.

Besides being portable, the benefit of a folding display is that it can be used in different ways. You can fold one panel 90 degrees and use the tablet like a traditional laptop with an on-screen keyboard or an included detachable one. Or you can open the screen flat and use the kickstand on the back to prop up the tablet when you’re watching movies on its 17.3-inch, 2.5K (2560 x 1920) OLED touchscreen. Included “ScreenXpert 2” software helps move windows around as you switch from mode to mode.

It also comes with a detachable keyboard and trackpad. I’m amazed at how great it is. I still want one badly.

It’s expected to be released in May 2022 for the price of $2100 but these are unofficial info

Get all details about it here


Credit : Lenovo

The Lenovo laptop ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, takes multitasking to next level with wide screen and secondary display.

Its main display comes in an ultra-wide 21:10 aspect ratio, which means you can run multiple applications side by side. The 8-inch secondary display, meanwhile, lets you take notes and do other tasks without a hitch. This is what happens when Lenovo combines a powerful 12th gen Core processor with plenty of ports ,this could be the ultimate work-from-home laptop.

With a starting price of $1,399, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is more affordable than most mainstream laptops, and with the same keyboard that Lenovo has offered on other previous models—this multipurpose ThinkBook could be a great choice for people who don’t have room for multiple monitors.

Available in May 2022

So there you have it.

That’s my list of the most amazing technologies of CES 2022.

This year show did showcased some incredible innovations, but based on what we’ve seen at this year’s conference, there is plenty to look forward to in the coming years. It will be interesting to see how people react to such innovative ideas and whether they choose to adopt them into their everyday lives—but either way, CES 2022 was likely a spectacle worth witnessing.

Please share with us your favourite gadget of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2022, even if it’s not on this list; maybe you’ll help me discover a great gadget I missed.

See you for the next buzz

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