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A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Resolutions-Creating a Lifetime of Habits

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Why Healthy Habits are Important in the Long-Term?

Healthy habits have been proven to boost our happiness levels and of course make our lives healthier.

People often do not understand the long-term effects of unhealthy habits. It takes time, effort, knowledge and hard work to heal from a disease like diabetes or heart disease – but the benefits are worth it.

It is never too late to take action and change your life for the better. The key is to make healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle a part of your daily routine.

How to Get Motivated to Stick with Your Healthy New Year's Resolution for Good

It’s the New Year, and many people are resolving to improve their health by losing weight or getting into shape. But even if your resolution is to commit to a special diet or fitness program, there’s a good chance that you’ll stop caring about it in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes you need a little help when it comes to sticking with their health resolutions.

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle when we’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food and negative environments.

In order for to stick with yours resolutions, you need to know the right way of staying motivated.

In this section, I will be discussing some tips for motivating yourself that will help keep you on track with your New Year’s Resolution and be able to stick it out through the tough times.

1.Start with a small step

Begin by setting small, attainable goals for yourself, to get you in the habit of pursuing your goals. Don't try to sign up for a marathon on your first day of exercise. Build up to it by walking around the block a few times before trying something more strenuous.

2. Team up with a pal.

Find a friend who will help you and keep your spirits up if you ever feel like giving up.

3. Reminders can help you keep your goals on track.

As the days go by, it's easy to forget about the commitment you've made to yourself. To keep yourself motivated, put reminders in places where you're likely to see them, like your bathroom mirror or a post-it note on your computer screen. If you realize you've skipped a day, don't get discouraged -- just get back on track! The most import thing is that you continue.

4. You don't need to be perfect!

You might not be able to change your habits immediately. Sometimes you might slip up. The most important thing is to just keep trying, don’t give up, and remember that it can take a while before a new behaviour becomes natural and more routine.

5. Track your progress by the way

It feels great to see your efforts paying off, so take time to celebrate your progress. A great way to stay motivated is to check in on the goals you set for yourself and see how you’re doing.

6 . Commit yourself to one month!

Working on a habit for three to four weeks will make it become automatic. The longer you work at creating a habit, the easier and more natural it becomes. To make the process easier, try committing to work on the habit for one month straight.

7. Do not give up, my friend.

The results of your efforts will not be immediate. Be prepared to work hard, and have patience!

8. Please keep doing what you're doing!

You may find it easier to start exercising or stick with a diet, if you plan to do so when cued by time of day and location. For example, resolve that you'll walk every evening on your way home from work, and go to the same place every time.

9. Get rid of temptations

Plan ahead and restructure your environment so that you won't have to face temptation when, for example, you are trying to quit smoking. You might, for example, throw out all your cigarettes or ask a friend or relative to keep yours for you. By making these changes before you start quitting, the temptation to smoke will be less likely to arise after the first month.

10. Think ahead.

Seeing the big picture is crucial. Start by focusing on small changes that will have a lasting impact on your future life—increase the amount of healthy food you eat, reduce your level of stress, and make sure that you get some exercise every day. These small improvements can make a big difference in your future life!

Here are some simple changes you can make to start on the road to creating positive habits.

Although you probably have a few resolutions in mind already, we’re not here to tell you to set more; in fact, you should feel free to take this year off. After all we’ve been through, be kind to yourself in the new year.

You probably have some New Year’s resolutions in mind already. However, this year, you shouldn’t feel compelled to set more. Take some time out to let yourself relax and enjoy yourself—you deserve it by now.

If you want to make some positive changes in your life, it makes sense to set some resolutions for the year ahead. But here’s a tip: you might achieve more by making a few simple, achievable goals than by setting overambitious ones.

I bet that these won’t seem as hard as they sound.

1) Drink a glass of water every morning

Wake up, drink a tall glass of water, and go downstairs to have breakfast without eating anything else. This will help you lose weight by flushing out toxins and preventing your body from storing unnecessary fat.

2) Keep moving!

It's amazing what a bit of extra movement each day can do (to help you live longer, healthier, and happier). So go for a walk. Take the stairs. Dance in your underwear or whatever (just move). We have some tips that can help make this new habit stick.

3) Try some new recipes in the kitchen.

Get creative in the kitchen. The new year brings with it an opportunity to change your habits and treat yourself better. Instead of going cold-turkey and swearing off luxurious meals, make your diet a little healthier this year.

4) Pick up a good book!

Reading is a fantastic way to learn about the world. So take some time and sit back with your favourite drink in a cosy spot and absorb the pleasurable feeling of a long, good read.

5) Meditate on a daily basis!

Ever wondered why spiritual people tend to be happier? It’s because they do things like meditate on a daily basis. I’m not saying having a positive outlook means you’re spiritual – but practising daily meditation can improve the way you approach life.

6) Reduce stress

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate stress, but since a completely stress-free life is not achievable, the most important thing is to make positive changes to reduce your stress

7) Choose a diet that you can stick to

The best diet strategy I learned from nutritionists is to choose a diet you can stick to. Sometimes when we are given a dietary advice, it’s easy for us to get confused about which diet will really benefit us and give us optimal health. There are so many diets around these days, but the right one for you will depend on what type of food you like and how motivated you are.

8) Let the sunshine in! (Get more vitamin D.)

Let the summer sun warm your bones and put more vitamin D in your diet. Even if you don’t have enough sun, there are Many other ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D in foods like egg yolks, fatty fish, cheese or take vitamin D supplements

9) Get plenty of sleep.

Getting enough sleep plays a crucial role in our ability to succeed in every area of our lives. Sleep boosts your memory, metabolism, mood and multitasking skills.

10) Create a morning routine.

Creating a morning routine allows you to make your day work for you. It will give you a sense of control over the chaos that happens in the world around us. This routine shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete, and can help you start your day with positivity Remember that it can take weeks or even months for new habits to form, but don’t give up if you stick with your plan.

There are certainly many reasons a person might choose to try to optimize and improve their life in the new year. Sometimes, a person’s health needs a bit of a jump start, and that’s okay. Other times, you might be trying to adopt new habits that seem so far outside your comfort zone. If you fall into this category, don’t worry. Just take things one step at a time and focus on creating sustainable improvements in your life. You’ll be glad you did.

Just one last thought: think about what emotions you want to feel at the end of this year. Keep in mind that lots of small choices can add up to sustainable, long-term change.

What are your New Year’s goals? Share them in the comments section below


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