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Welcome to the restless bee.

I’m Astrid, a web developer from Mauritius.

I’m a bit of a geek and I love to cook, I enjoy testing technology products, exploring new gadgets and tools that can make my life easier.

As far as content is concerned, this blog covers a wide range of topics. And for a good reason: its owner is passionate about many subjects and wants to share that passion with others.

In other words, whatever topic happens to be in fashion at the moment—tech, cooking, ecology, nutrition, fitness—you’ll want to follow it here to make sure you don’t miss any important news or updates. If you’re looking for a varied approach to so many topics, this blog is certainly one you’ll want to visit often.

This blog is a beehive of articles, buzzing with all the latest and freshest information that i like to share with the community.

I hoped you like my blog and if you do don’t hesitate to leave a comment or share it on social media.

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